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Helitrox plus 4 dives $800

Prior to very recently Deco Procedures was taught to 150 ft on 25% O2 with no Helium. We now have the opportunity to use light 20% He in the mix to take the edge off. In dark, cold and unfamiliar environments narcosis is amplified. Helium is a lower density gas than N2 and O2 which makes it easier to breathe. This may lower CO2 levels.

Learn theory, develop and practice skills to dive with Helium. Intro to Tec or TDI Sidemount are prerequisites. Also known as Recreational Trimix, Helium can be used to take the edge off during shallower 100-130 ft dives, or can be used to the TDI Helitrox depth limit of 150 ft.

4 dives are required, or 6 if combined with Adv. Nitrox. A different price is given with combo classes. Often students combine Adv Nitrox with Intro to Tec or TDI Sidemount, which become 4 dives instead of 3. Please google “TDI Standards and Procedures Helitrox” for more information about class standards and combos.

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