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Mobile Training Center

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Urban Manta teaches its students proper trim, buoyancy, and awareness.


We’ll review footage of you underwater so you can be in complete control of yourself while diving.


Small classes allow extreme personalization to properly learn diving techniques.

Instructors with Urban Manta treat all classes with the same approach to any technical level class.  Classes are kept small.  Students are required to perform skills neutrally  buoyant.  Buoyancy, trim, team awareness and no silt propulsion techniques are taught.  This is NOT taught in the majority of Open Water or “Advanced” classes because most recreational instructors are not Technical Diving Instructors and cannot dive or teach cleanly.  The majority of OW instructors have little or none technical dive training, and therefore cannot pass on those skills to you as a student.  

Urban Manta graduates are safer, more aware and more in control divers.  The difference is easily seen in video and photo review during class.  The quality of world class training far exceeds the quality of low priced cattle call classes.  Beware of cheap priced scuba classes; your life is worth the investment in a good instructor.

All skills are performed while hovering

All skills must be performed hovering in trim with team awareness or c cards are not issued. Kicking Techniques is the suggested prerequisite to all TDI and SDI classes. This will make you a better diver if you want to advance as a TEC diver and/or cave diver.


She is truly a professional and pays attention to detail and safety, making sure I retained all the necessary information. I’m not the most comfortable person underwater but felt at ease with her. Highly recommended!

Nicole MeridieM

Dry suit course

Did my wreck course with Urban Manta. Sandra is safe, experienced and knowledgeable. She is organized and has great advice and techniques.

Naomi Kent

Intro to wreck course

I felt very safe diving with Sandra. Class was fun, professional and I would recommend Urban Manta to everyone! She explained gear assembly to me as many times as I needed it.

Xenia Zerkidi

Opean water course

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Hear from students that have wanted to learn diving from scratch and those that have wanted to improve their diving. These students wanted to access new enviroments to be able to dive all around the world in all kinds of conditions while keeping themselves, their buddies, and their enviroments safe. Available for open water recreational students to TEC students and cave divers.

Our Story

Learn about New York City’s, Marianna’s, and Raleigh’s premier dive shop!

Sandra Clopp started Urban Manta in New York City, Marianna, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina to spend more time underwater and pass on her love of scuba diving from recreational diving to TEC, cave diving, and using a rebreather.

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