North Carolina Scuba Lessons, Raleigh Scuba Certification

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

North Carolina Scuba Lessons, and Raleigh Scuba Certification

About:   Join us for the BEST scuba training. Our instructors care about your happiness and safety. We teach Open Water beginner’s Recreational diving all the way through advanced Technical level training.  Over 20 years of experience, and over 2,500 logged dives.  Specialties include Decompression, Cave, CCR and more.

Located near Raleigh North Carolina, Sandra’s scuba classes are conveniently close to Myrtle Beach SC, Southport NC, Wilmington NC and more scuba diving locations.

Courses start at only $300.

Contact Us to schedule a Scuba Lesson  |  Email is Preferred as we may be in the water doing a lesson:

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