Full Cave

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Full Cave: $1,200 for class if 4 days are needed.  $300 each additional day.  Equipment rental & tank rental not included.

If the student has their gear squared away & is proficient at the Intro Cave level, we will most likely finish in 4 days.  Please see “TDI Standards and Procedures Full Cave Diver” to see what skills are required to pass.  

We can do the class in Fl, Mexico or elsewhere with top rated instructors.  My students go on to do very well in cave training.  I have been cave diving in Fl, Mexico, Australia, and the Philippines and have been involved in cave exploration and survey in Mexico.  I have trained on steel tanks in Fl and Al tanks and stages in Mexico, as well as ccr cave training in both locations.   We will discuss differences in tie offs vs placements in both locations and how the environments have produced different cave systems that require different cave diving approaches and techniques. We will work together with an IT for any classes still in progress.

See Urban Manta YouTubeFacebook and Instagram for cave diving pictures and videos.   

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