Deco Procedures

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Deco Procedures $1,200

Learn to safely dive to 150 ft with limited decompression. Skills include deco bottle placement, SMB deployment and practice and proper trim, buoyancy and streamlining.  Prerequisite: SDI Kicking Techniques & TDI Intro to Tec or TDI Sidemount.  Ability to hover at 6ft in the water column and helicopter turn for bubble check & S-drill & shoot a bag without changing depth in the water column.

This is a very intensive class.  It is rare students pass skills in 2 water days.  Included is 3 water days.  I will not book water days until you do the required TDI eLearning (cheaper through me than online; I include c card fees) AND my external reading links.

Once you complete the materials, we need classroom time including app planning and making sure all of your gear is in order.  I will discuss each piece with you.

Only when you have put in this work and are prepared will I schedule water days.

This is a technical level class.  You need to show up with your rig weight checked and an understanding of either sidemount or backmounted doubles.  S drills and bubble checks must be done in the blue without moving up or down more than a foot; in trim.  If you cannot do this, you will not pass my class.  We can start with SDI Kicking Techniques if any of the above are not in order.

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