Advanced Nitrox

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Advanced Nitrox $600

Advanced Nitrox is best taken with either Intro to Tec (backmounted doubles) or TDI Sidemount (Intro to Tec for sidemount). It allows the diver use 40% to 100% O2 to accelerate decompression. Less hang time!

When taken with Intro to Tec or TDI Sidemount only 4 dives are required (at least one of them is a prerequisite to Adv Nitrox; no single tanks). If you wait and do it with Deco Procedures, an extra day of paid dive training is required.

Advanced Nitrox does not qualify the diver to do decompression. Decompression Procedures must be taken and TDI kicks must be mastered at the DP level. Adv. Nitrox prepares the diver to be able to get the high O2 fills that are required for Deco Procedures training and diving.

I have my own set of required reading materials apart from the required TDI materials.

My method of training:

You will be trimmed out and have efficient, smooth kicks. 7 years of Broadway Dance Center training means YOU get to benefit from ballet (minus the tights 😉). Please see my YouTube, Facebook or Instagram Urban Manta pages for examples of how I dive and teach.

I incorporate methods learned from my own rebreather, cave and tec instructors around the globe. You will have team awareness at all times, streamlined gear and deco bottles, execute No Tox switches and learn to perform at the TDI technical diver level. I am happy to dive in the ocean with all of my graduates, because they are damn good divers!

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