Wreck Diving

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Wreck Diving Course: ELEARNING & Dives

$139.95 for SDI eLearning & $300.00 for class & 2 dives or 4 dives for $600.00

Wreck diving is a local specialty scuba class.  Learn how to run a reel to set a line to safely start and end a shipwreck dive from the anchor line of a dive boat.  Don’t be a sloppy NE diver. Learn from an active cave diver how to run a tight line and do good primary and secondary tie offs.

Practice shooting a 6-ft safety sausage to be used during an emergency if an ascent using the anchor line is not possible.  The boat captain can see the safety sausage and can monitor where you are during your safety stops as you drift.  Learn how to use a waterproof Nautilus radio that stows in your drysuit pocket during the dive and can be used to radio the boat captain or the U.S. Coast Guard on the surface.

SDI wreck is a one day, 2 dive class with a long classroom session on a weekday evening.

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Wreck Diving Class at Dutch Springs with student Emily Duong

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Wreck Diving Helma Hooker, Bonaire

Contact Urban Manta about local wreck diving trips.

I’ve got a few trips planned on the ‘Ol Salty II this season: http://www.seadwellersofnj.com

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Photo Credit: Mike Rothschild Dive Buddy: Meredith Massey

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