Advanced Buoyancy

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Advanced Buoyancy Course: ELEARNING & Dives

$139.95 for RAID or SDI eLearning & $300.00 for class & 2 dives
peak performance buoyancy

Advanced Buoyancy Class: $300, 2 dives

Ever wonder how your dive leader seems to maintain perfect buoyancy just by breathing and doesn’t have to dump water out of the BC after diving? Go beyond the basic buoyancy skills you learned during your Open Water Scuba Class and learn about breath control, proper weighting, placement of trim weights, body position and trim, streamlining equipment & other factors that affect buoyancy. Proper finning techniques are essential for the neutrally buoyant diver. Learn backwards finning that is useful during underwater photography and use your muscles more efficiently with a proper frog kick in a drysuit and double tanks or a modified frog kick in a wetsuit and single tank.

My suggestion is to take SDI Kicking Techniques as we will cover all of the requirements for Advanced Buoyancy along with frog kicks (land and water drills), backwards kicks, helicopter turns, hovering, modified shuffle & flutter, pull and glide, air sharing, mask swap and review SMB shooting.  We will discuss what hand and foot sculling indicates and how to notice this and fix the source of the problem.

If you have kicks down and have already learned how to run a reel and pop a bag, I suggest we do the RAID Performance Diver specialty.

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