Advanced Adventure Diver

Scuba NYC, North Fl Caves, Raleigh NC, & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Advanced Adventure Diver

$600 + SDI eLearning

This is an introductory course to 5 specialties including Deep and Navigation and 3 more of your choice. This class is geared towards shallow water resort divers and is not a true Advanced cert. One dive from each specialty applies towards a complete certification in that specialty. Please note you must take a specialty class in each area to earn the full specialty card.  Cost is $600 for 5 dives and does not include any specialty certifications.  This is equivalent to the PADI version of the advanced class.  It is a good class for those not sure where they want to go with their diving but want to improve beyond Open Water in terms of skill & buoyancy. I would recommend doing a one day Kicking Techniques class or a Drysuit class in leui of this cert.

This course is a great bridge for Open Water divers but will certify you to 100ft, not the recreational limits of 130ft (Deep Diving specialty is required to go beyond 100ft).


*Gear Requirements for all courses: Students are required to own their basic personal gear which consists of a scuba mask, snorkel, fins & booties for the pool.  Urban Manta has a full stock of gear available for purchase and can fit you for the correct sizes. Wetsuits can either be rented or bought. BCs, regs, computers & drysuits can be rented. Prices are found on the gear page.

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