Learn how to analyze your custom GoPro footage yourself so you can continue to improve buoyancy, hovering & kicking techniques after class during your own diving.
What separates my teaching style from check the box teaching styles is that my students learn proper trim, buoyancy and team/environmental awareness.  No skills on knees (even for Open Water) or dropping like a rock feet first, fin or hand sculling, out of control and without your buddy.  These are all habits that you won't have to unlearn in the future and  you'll learn why they're important during training. We’ll review GoPro footage I take of you during class. If you learn to be in control of your body and buoyancy then you won't have to dive stressed out.  I do not run cattle call classes with students on their knees.  I teach people how to actually dive.  How and why?  Cave divers tend to be more meticulous divers than anyone else on the planet.  I've trained with some of the best ones around the world and I continue to train with them to fine tune skills such as scootering thousands of feet into caves with multiple open circuit stage or closed circuit bailout bottles.
The question is, do you want to learn to breathe underwater and receive a c-card that might not mean much or do you actually want to learn how to dive and be safe and in control?