Underwater Photography

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Moray Eel, Little Corn Isl, NIcaragua

Underwater Photography is one of Urban Manta’s favorite diving activities. All of the photos on this website were taken by Sandra!  Learn about camera selection, camera and o-ring care, good buoyancy techniques (including trim and backwards finning), lighting, white balance, and framing the perfect shot.

Editing is an important part of Underwater Photography.  Learn about different editing programs such as Vivid Pix that adjust for depth (color) removal or learn more about different features available on programs you already use, such as removing particles in the water using iPhoto or layering with Adobe Photoshop Elements.GOPR1915 Tannic Water WatermarkedCubanBullsharks2015 WatermarkedIMG_8340 Moray Watermarked

scuba diving, scuba lessons, scuba manta ray, underwater photography

Urban Manta, Nusa Penida, Indonesia

IMG_8241 Kissing Fish Bonaire WatermarkedIMG_8892 Spring Run WatermarkedP8110051 Cook Islands Lionfish WatermarkedP8120022 Spanish Dancer Cook Islands WatermarkedIMG_2875 PR Octopus WatermarkedP1040805UtilaSeahorseWatermarked