Sidewinder and Classic CCR training

Are you interested in learning how to dive the Kiss Sidewinder?  I am currently working on instructor training to learn how to teach this beautiful unit.  Shoot me an email and we can coordinate training dates with an instructor trainer.

Originally developed for an American vet to be able to comfortable dive a rebreather, the Sidewinder has evolved into one of the most popular rebreathers.  Know for its excellent WOB in all positions, the comfort in the water on the unit comes down to good training and a good setup.

I also dive the Kiss Classic and would like to do my TDI Classic instructor crossover with an Instructor Trainer of our choice if this unit interests you.  

Kiss Rebreathers is known for rapid product support and ongoing research and development.  As a Kiss Ambassador, I am proud to dive these beautifully designed units.  

Please select one.