Deep Diving

Scuba NYC, Marianna, Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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$139.95 for SDI eLearning & $300.00 for class & 2 dives
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Aunt Suzy playing with a pressurized egg yolk during deep training in the Bay of Pigs, Cuba!

Ever wonder what lies beyond the limits of an Open Water diver?  Some of the best stuff can be found deep, from shark caves at 120 ft off of Rarotonga, Cook Islands to black coral or dogfish sharks off of Milford Sound, New Zealand.  Learn to dive safely to the recreational scuba limits of 130ft.  Witness the effects of pressure on an egg yolk or empty water bottle and safely experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis with a simple test.  Observe the loss of red & yellow colors at various depths and learn how this applies to underwater photography.

Want to go beyond the recreational limits?  Learn how to dive in Sidemount or double tanks with stage bottles as the first step towards technical Trimix diving.

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Jenny playing with a pressurized egg yolk during Deep Diving class in Indonesia with Urban Manta

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