Massive Jellyfish bloom off Newfoundland during the Arctic on the Edge 2017 expedition led by Jill Heinerth and Ocean Quest!

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Urban Manta Scuba Trips

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Salt Pier Bonaire

Join Urban Manta on one of our upcoming scuba vacations!


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Scuba Trips with Urban Manta

Spring/Summer/Fall 2017:  local diving off boats, beaches, lakes, the Deep Flooded Mine, etc.

June 11, 2017: Oil Wreck, Ol' Salty II

June 25, 2017:  local wreck with the Ol' Salty II

July 2, 2017:  Texas Tower, Ol' Salty II

July 23-26th:  Andrea Doria 61st anniversary trip, Ol' Salty II

July 28-29th:  Carolina & U-869, Ol' Salty II


Summer 2017:  megalodon teeth hunting, North Carolina

Sept - Oct 2018: Greenland & Newfoundland with Ocean Quest, Adventure Canada & Jill Heinerth

April 2019:  Komodo, Indonesia

Anytime I get my arm twisted:  Cave Diving in Mexico or Fl (requires cave certification or willingness to get Intro Cavern certified!)