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Scuba NYC and Marianna, Florida with Urban Manta

NYC and Marianna, Florida Scuba Certification

Open Water Diver (Beginner)Open Water Part 1: eLearning & pool
Open Water Part 2: open water checkout dives
BeginnerPart 1: E-Books $139.95, + Class & Pool for $450.
Part 2: 4 Open Water Dives $700. With drysuit cert $800.
Advanced Open Water Diver25 dives & 4 specialties are required. One of the specialties can be non-diving such as Nitrox (highly recommended) or gear specialist.AdvancedMost specialties cost $300
Advanced Adventure Diver5 specialties including Deep and Navigation and 3 more of your choice. Nitrox, Drysuit and Wreck or Night are recommended.AdvancedE-Books: $139.95
Class: $499
Gear: $100
Does not include any specialty certifications.
Master Diver CourseThe Highest Recognized Recreational Diver Level. The pinnacle of your journey that began as an Open Water student. Now you are ready to become a pro or learn more about technical diving!

Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Diver & Rescue Diver
Advanced, Rescue
Rescue Diver CourseDetect and prevent stress in other divers or rescue a panicked or unconscious diver.Rescue, SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Divemaster CourseLearn to lead dives!AdvancedE-Books: $699.95
Assistant Instructor CourseWant to have an excuse to dive more, earn some extra cash with Urban Manta or find a way to stay out of trouble on the weekends?AdvancedE-Books: $699.95
Advanced Buoyancy breath control, proper weighting, placement of trim weights, body position and trim, streamlining equipment & other factors that affect buoyancy. Proper finning techniques, backwards finning, and frog kicks.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Boat DivingSafe entries & exits, proper stowing of equipment, safety procedures, planning boat dives, & drift diving from boats.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Computer DivingBenefits of Computer vs. Table. Display information, types of computers, downloading information, utilizing planning modes, & programming computers.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Included with Deep Class
CPROX ClassLearn how to handle an emergency as a first responder. CPR & emergency O2 administrationRescue, SpecialtyCourse: $99
CPR1st ClassTeaches you how to respond to an emergency until trained professionals arrive. CPR, victim stabilization & first aid skills are taught.Rescue, SpecialtyCourse: $99
Deep DivingGo beyond the Open Water limits of 60 ft. Learn proper descents, air management, effects of nitrogen narcosis, and dive planning. The maximum depth of the Deep Diver course is 130ft.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Drysuit DivingStay warm! Learn different types of drysuits, care and maintenance, emergency procedures, proper weighting & buoyancy control.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $350 includes suit rental and classroom
Equipment SpecialistCleaning of equipment, proper storage, and transportation and storage of dive cylinders.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Full Face Mask SpecialtyLearn how to use a full face mask underwaterSpecialtyClass: 300
Ice DivingPlan and execute an ice dive using tethers and a rescue team ready above the ice.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $400
Kicking TechniquesKicks: Frog, back, helicopter turns, hovering, modified frog/shuffle, pull & glide. Class created for SDI by Urban Manta.SpecialtyNo Book
Class & 2 Dives: $300
NavigationCompass features, distance estimating, reading ocean bottom contours and practice skills.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Night/Limited VisibilityBuddy system procedures, communications, proper dive light preparation and signals, navigation, buoyancy control and interacting with nocturnal aquatic life.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
NitroxNitrox mixtures from 22% to 40% Oxygen. The benefits include increased safety margins, reduced post dive fatigue, and extended no-decompression times.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class: $300
Scooter/Diver Propulsion VehicleDPV selection, battery burn times, ear equalizations, descents, ascents, and care and maintenance of the DPV.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Search & RecoveryFind lost objects like a motor or jewelry! Carrying, deploying and attaching lift bags, conducting search patterns, entanglement avoidance, and recovering and preserving objects.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Solo DivingProper dive planning, personal limitations, and accident prevention as well as the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for diving solo.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Underwater PhotographyCamera selection, camera and o-ring care, good buoyancy techniques, lighting, white balance, and framing the perfect shot.SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
Wreck DivingRun a reel and shoot a 6ft safety sausage; skills necessary to the Northeast Wreck diver. You may take this class as a non-penetration (2 dives) or limited-penetration (3 dives) course. Limited-penetration is defined as “swim through or within the ambient light of entry point.”SpecialtyE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $300
or Class & 4 Dives: $600
Visual Inspection ProceduresLearn how to annually VIP & O2 clean tanks yourself.SpecialtyClass: $250
Local Wreck DivingCome join us out on the local NY/NJ boats! To ensure you have the proper comfort and skill set the following courses are recommended for local Northeast diving: Drysuit, Wreck, Night/Limited Visiblity, Nitrox, and Deep Diver.SpecialtyPer Trip basis
Advanced NitroxLearn how to use nitrox.TEC$600
Advanced WreckLearn wreck diving in NYC from scuba dive shop, Urban Manta, by taking this class with us. SDI/TDI Advanced wreck classes.TEC$139.95 for SDI eLearning & $300.00 for class & 2 dives or 4 dives for $600.00
Deco ProceduresMax 150 ft. TEC$1,200
Prerequisite Kicking Techniques
HelitroxLearn to use up to 20% Helium with 21% or greater O2 to lessen levels of narcosis to the 150 ft depth limit while taking TDI Decompression Procedures.TEC$800
Intro to Tech4 TDI dives using backmounted doubles TEC$600
Prerequisite Kicking Techniques
Cavern4 TDI dives using backmounted doubles or sidemountTEC$600
Prerequisite Sidemount or Doubles
TDI SidemountEquipment considerations, gas management, attaching cylinders, trim and buoyancy, and different water entries. This is a recreational class with a maximum depth limit of 40m/130ft.TECE-Books: $139.95
Class & 2 Dives: $550
TDI 4 dives $800 TDI prerequisite Kicking Techniques
Sidewinder and Classic CCR trainingLearn to scuba dive with a rebreather. Models I teach include the Kiss Sidewinder, X Deep Stealth, Hollis SMS 75 and Hollis Katana 2.TECDependent on model


283 E 4th St
New York, NY 10009

info at

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