Advanced & Rescue Courses


*Gear Requirements for all courses: Students are required to own their basic personal gear which consists of a scuba mask, snorkel, fins & booties for the pool.  Urban Manta has a full stock of gear available for purchase and can fit you for the correct sizes. Wetsuits can either be rented or bought. BCs, regs, computers & drysuits can be rented. Prices are found on the gear page.

Advanced Adventure Diver

$600 + SDI eLearning

This is an introductory course to 5 specialties including Deep and Navigation and 3 more of your choice. This class is geared towards shallow water resort divers and is not a true Advanced cert. One dive from each specialty applies towards a complete certification in that specialty. Please note you must take a specialty class in each area to earn the full specialty card.  Cost is $600 for 5 dives and does not include any specialty certifications.  This is equivalent to the PADI version of the advanced class.  It is a good class for those not sure where they want to go with their diving but want to improve beyond Open Water in terms of skill & buoyancy. I would recommend doing a one day Kicking Techniques class or a Drysuit class in leui of this cert.

This course is a great bridge for Open Water divers but will certify you to 100ft, not the recreational limits of 130ft (Deep Diving specialty is required to go beyond 100ft).

Advanced Open Water Diver

Truly and advanced diver course. It takes a good 15-20 dives to become comfortable in the water. 25 dives & 4 specialties are required. One of the specialties can be non-diving such as Nitrox (highly recommended) or gear specialist.  Most specialties cost $300.  Gear rental not included (please see rental prices on gear rental page).


CPR/First Aid


Learn how to handle an emergency as a first responder. This class teaches you CPR & emergency O2 administration.


Teaches you how to respond to an emergency until trained professionals arrive. CPR, victim stabilization & first aid skills are taught.

Master Diver Course

The Highest Recognized Recreational Diver Level. The pinnacle of your journey that began as an Open Water student. Now you are ready to become a pro or learn more about technical diving!

Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Diver & Rescue Diver


Rescue Diver Course

Become a Leader!

This course will change the way you dive. Gain the confidence to be in charge of yourself and others. This is the class that teaches you that you are truly an experienced diver. It is one of the most rewarding scuba classes. By the end of the class you will be confident that you are proficient underwater and can detect and prevent stress in other divers or rescue a panicked or unconscious diver.


Divemaster Course

Dive the Dream!

One of my favorite memories was when I decided to extend a vacation on Phi Phi Island in Thailand to do my Divemaster course with Princess Divers. I went from following a group led by a Divemaster to leading certified divers on some of the most gorgeous dives on the planet.

Assistant Instructor Course

Dive the Dream!

Want to have an excuse to dive more, earn some extra cash with Urban Manta or find a way to stay out of trouble on the weekends?


Tec Level Classes:

SDI Kicking Techniques: 2 dives, $300

After a lot of training in Cave Country Fl & Mexico I wrote the curriculum for SDI Kicking Techniques to cover the demand  for students wanting to learn hovering, buoyancy, trim and kicks. Land drills: frog & helicopter on table

Underwater: No fin frog kicks & chopper turns

We focus on getting a good frog kick and hover and work on helicopter turns, backwards kicks, modified shuffle & flutter, modified frog, pull and glide and SMB shooting and practice reg exchange, reg recovery & mask removal & replace.


Intro to Tech (backmounted doubles) $600.  2 days includes gear configuration, 4 dives.  Prerequisite SDI Kicking Techniques.

Learn to be streamlined and in trim in double tanks.


Sidemount, SDI 2 dive or TDI 4 dive


Advanced Nitrox $600


Deco Procedures $800

Learn to safely dive to 150 ft with limited decompression. Skills include deco bottle placement, SMB deployment and practice and proper trim, buoyancy and streamlining.  Prerequisite: SDI Kicking Techniques & TDI Intro to Tec or TDI Sidemount.  Ability to hover at 6ft in the water column and helicopter turn for bubble check & S-drill & shoot a bag without changing depth in the water column.

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